July 14, 2020
5 Ways to Market Yourself Digitally as a Financial Advisor
Betterworth Team

Most of the world is in a state of emergency following the COVID-19 pandemic. As people are being told to stay home and consumerism is approaching all-time lows, financial advisors are struggling to market themselves to consumers. Through this struggle, many advisors have adapted to digital approaches to help them find clients and keep their book of business growing. Within this article, you can learn the top five ways to effectively market yourself in the current market conditions. 

1. Update your websites and social media

During this time, it is crucial to have your profiles and websites updated with recent information. This includes updating your contact information, embedding the relevant direct links, or changing the layout of your profile to make it user-friendly. This will ensure that potential clients can contact you quickly if need be and that they can send you their information in a timely manner. Sites that are commonly used among financial advisors include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as these platforms provide a professional environment for news posts and insights.

2. Highlight your value

On your website or social media present the services you offer, discuss your investing approach and communicate on how you conduct business. Make sure you are being transparent and genuine, as well as highlighting your own personal story in the process. This will show your sense of personality and, if done correctly, can attract clients with similar traits and values.

3. Be active and post consistently

It is important that you stay active on your website or social media by providing relevant updates and information to your clients. This includes showing new investing strategies, commenting on market conditions, or spotlighting news articles. These should all be relevant to your strategy and show the thought process behind your decisions regarding your client’s portfolio. Clients always respect advisors who explain in-depth about choices regarding their portfolios. 

4. Be responsive

It is essential to respond to calls, emails, and voicemail messages in a timely manner. Clients looking for advisors can easily pick up another if the one they contacted does not respond quickly enough. In addition, a recent study showed that 44% of clients would leave an advisor solely based on a lack of communication. So why risk it? – stay active! This makes it crucial that you enable notifications on your devices to catch the messages as soon as they are sent. 

5. Ask for referrals

Don’t be shy – ask for a referral when need be. These can be from working affiliates, friends and family, or current well-known clients. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective and efficient way to bring yourself to the market, so don’t hesitate to bring yourself out there. However, be wary of who and how you are asking, as some people may expect some value in return.

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