April 7, 2021
Ways Technology Can Organize and Improve Your Schedule
Betterworth Team

An advisor’s schedule is often cluttered with meetings with clients, portfolio planning sessions, and research on the current market conditions. Not included, however, is the countless interruptions throughout the day that the advisor must attend to, which further clutters and disorganizes their schedule. With all of these meetings and interruptions happening throughout the day, advisors can easily lose track of their schedule and not complete the work they needed to complete. However, advisors can avoid this by using the applications they have on their phone or computer which will organize their schedule for them.

Calendar Management Applications

There are many applications which are focussed on creating a schedule for a user based on their needs. These applications, such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, often have the user input the activities that they need to complete throughout the day, and the application then organizes the schedule in a neat and easy-to-use interface. These applications are utilised most by people with dynamic schedules due to ease of use and its ability to keep the user on top of their schedule. For an advisor, this tool would be ideal since it can make planning and organizing schedules quicker and easier.

Using Break Times Effectively

Taking break times at work should have one purpose; to relax. Although it is easier said than done, using mindfulness applications, such as Calm or Headspace, can help you get to this point of relaxation. These applications use meditation and breathing techniques to uplift your overall mood and to give your mind time to relax. Altogether, the application can help to reduce total stress and in doing so, gives you the ability to go back into work in a productive state of mind.

Automating your smaller tasks and organizing your files

Having to sort through emails or having to find a missing file are all small, mindless tasks which can use a large portion of your time. For advisors, this can often take away time from speaking with clients or doing tasks to grow their business. To avoid this, you can set up an automatic system on their email that will display the important emails and throw away the junk emails. Additionally, you can ensure that finding documents will be easier by maintaining a clean desktop with labelled folders containing files and documents. This will make navigating their desktop easier, ultimately saving your time.

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